Sunday, 16 October 2011

Protesters Occupy Wall Street With Zuccotti Park Showdown

Protesters Occupy Wall Street With Zuccotti Park Showdown:The collection of sleeping bags, camping stoves and Macbook Air, which makes Gather Wall Street in Lower Manhattan stronghold, is broken. Four weeks after the first demonstrators have taken up residence at Zuccotti Park, is what looks like a final confrontation with city authorities threatening.
The owners of the park, Brookfield Properties, seem to have had enough of their unwanted guests a clean and ordered to begin at 7 pm on Friday.
On Thursday, representatives from the company of leaflets distributed in the park said that after the obvious place, the protesters were not allowed to keep sleeping bags, tents and other equipment camping equipment in the park . They will not be allowed to lie on the benches or the floor. In fact, the camp ready.
Police said all the time that they would monitor the wishes of the owners of the park – Zuccotti is a private space that is open to the public under the terms of the city with the authorities.
Protesters occupy Wall Street called supporters to gather at the park from 06:00 Friday to defend against what they said was a trial delay. Police said they will move to enforce the cleanup from 07:00. A kind of confrontation seems inevitable.
Required to clean the park is by a company that owns it, Brookfield Properties Office, on behalf of which the President wrote a letter of two pages of NYPD to ask for help “clear the Park” and “help” is a “constant” for keep the area safe and clean.Read More...

Rapper Rick Ross Admitted That The Second Time

Rapper Rick Ross Admitted That The Second Time:The rapper Rick Ross was reportedly hospitalized in Alabama after suffering two doctors crazy for six hours, which claimed the machine is moved.
The first shock came Friday afternoon that Ross was on a Delta Air Lines flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Memphis, Tennessee, where Ross was scheduled to appear in a University of Memphis basketball event tonight. The flight returned to Florida after Ross suffered unspecified medical problem. He was treated at a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, and he even tweeted after “Memphis here I come.”
But when Ross jumped in Memphis linked to a private jet, he stopped in Birmingham, Ala., because the 34-year-old singer experienced a second medical problem, Memphis basketball coach Josh Pastner told the crowd Friday night event, in which Ross was to appear.
“The Road to Memphis,” Pastner said, “He had to make a forced landing in Birmingham. He got really sick again, and I had to rush him to the emergency room.”
WMC-TV in Memphis reported that Ross suffered another seizure and the doctor had been hospitalized. The news station said University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital would not comment on his condition. Read More...

iPhone 4(S) Cases

iPhone 4(S) Cases:We are all aware that a phone like the iPhone 4S requires a case. It’s just too expensive and too expensive to go unprotected, but the best are often expensive. That said, I’m sure many iPhone 4 owners had hoped to keep their old case when you go to the iPhone 4S, but if Otterbox is your go-to brand the event, think again.
OtterBox for iPhone 4 cases, does not protect the iPhone 4S, with the exception of the SLR series. But the OtterBox iPhone case to protect the iPhone 4S 4
According to Bright hand, there are small differences in the design of 4 and 4S, including a slightly different location of the volume buttons. Apparently this is the case Otterbox tight will not result in more iPhone 4S, but some other retailers, such as case studies seem to have the same problem.Read More...