Friday, 14 October 2011

National Landscape Conservation System

National Landscape Conservation System:NLC is a unique and versatile. It includes the red-rock deserts and rugged ocean coastlines, deep river canyons and broad Alaskan tundra. Many areas are remote and wild, but others are surprisingly easy. NLC also disclose and safeguard cultural heritage. And ‘safeguarding American Indian cliff dwellings and cultural sites, and keep track of our remaining historic trails and paths. The mission of the National Landscape Conservation System is to preserve, protect and restore these nationally significant landscapes that are recognized for their outstanding cultural value, ecological and scientific.
NLC works to preserve the essential structure of the West. NLCS areas are part of an active and dynamic landscape where people live, work and play. They offer excellent opportunities for recreation, solitude, wildlife, exploration of the history, scientific research and a wide range of traditional uses.Read More...

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